Another Doggy on a Mission: Vancouver, BC

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another doggy on a mission

Another Doggy on a Mission

This is a busy dog, he’s on a mission. He has to go. I don’t know where, but nothing and nobody will stop him. He’s not running, it’s just a quick walk.

BTW, I didn’t see his owner. Maybe he’s going back to his owner…

He makes me think of Phidippides, from the Greek antiquities, who ran from Marathon to Athens (the famous 42 km) to announce to everybody that Athens won the battle against Sparta, and then he died of exhaustion after delivering his message.

Hopefully this dog isn’t going to die like Phidippides, but when I look at his eyes, his determination…


Camera: Canon 7D ISO 100 and 1/160
Lens: Canon 70-200mm f/4 @111mm and f/7.1
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