Dog Encounters: West Vancouver, BC

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Dogs sniffing each other, nose to nose

Dogs sniffing each other, nose to nose

It’s quite unusual for dogs to meet and immediately go nose to nose. They will usually go around each other, which is the non-threatening way of meeting each other. Then they sniff each other’s butt, just like the white dog is doing.

Going nose to nose is quite usual for cats, but for dogs it’s not as frequent. Adult dogs will often touch noses with puppies. In this case, with these two adult dogs, it’s an almost touch, a greeting ritual, they never touched each other nose.

One of the most amazing thing about a dog’s nose is that they separate the smelling activity from the breathing. Dogs can breath out and at the same time smell things. Unlike us, humans, who can only smell during our breath in. When a dog breathes in or out, a fold of tissue separates the two functions of smelling from the breathing in or out.


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