The Dog Bar: Mont Tremblant, Quebec

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the dog bar

The Dog Bar

I have never heard this expression before either in French or in English.

This is a running water tray for dogs in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. This fire hydrant/water dish is at the front of a pet store that sells treats/biscuits and pets toys, mostly for dogs.

This was in June and Mont Tremblant wasn’t busy, it’s still just a ski destination, they haven’t succeeded in becoming a whole year round destination resort like Whistler, BC. Whistler is very busy during the summer with biking and hiking…

BTW, a few notes:

  1. The fire hydrant is leaning, a lot.
  2. The fire hydrant is not made of steel. It’s feel like it’s some link of plastic/pvc.
  3. It’s not anchored in the ground, it’s just some clips that are covered with the tree bark.

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