Athlete Performing


This Border Collie is an athlete at the top of her game. She runs, she jumps, she concentrates on not making any mistake and she didn’t. In the end, she finished second on her class.

It’s called agility racing for a reason. Not only these dogs need a lot of agility, they have no idea of where they are running. They have no idea about which obstacle they have to go next. The order of the obstacle changes from one racing group to the next. That’s why not only these dogs need to run with their owner but the dogs also need to trust the judgement of the owner.

BTW, the top dogs also have very fit female owners in the 30s or their 40s. I would say that about 96% - 97% of the competitors are women. It’s very rare to have a guy running with his dog.


Camera: Canon EOS 7D ISO 200 and 1/180
Lens: Canon EF70-200mm f/4L IS USM @200mm and f/8
Processed with Rawtherapee: