Worried Dodoïte: Vancouver, BC

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worried dog

Dodoïte, my dog, worried

This is my dog, Dodoïte (pronounced: Dodo ïte). He’s a half Basset Hound, half Australian Shepherd, and half Corgi. He’s not doing well.

He’s becoming more and more frightened by the city noises. Airplanes, helicopters, trucks, buses… Pretty much any unexpected noise, even the rain dripping on metallic things. One day it’s no problem and the next day he’s afraid of it.

He grew up in the mountains and I’d be surprised if he saw more than a couple of people a day and maybe one car per day… My current therapy is to go for long walks (and I make him work) so he doesn’t have the time to think about the noises.

2017 update

He’s still worried about everything. He still doesn’t like anybody or any other dog. People say that they have noticed how much he has improved. I have noticed some small improvements but he’s still my ‘big chicken’. I may change his official name from Dodoïte to Chicken.


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