Dog Happy in the Forest: Vancouver, BC

Dog happy in the forest: Vancouver, BC

My dog, Dodoïte (pronounced: Dodo ïte), hates the city. The city scares him. All the sharp noises, the people, the cars, the big trucks, the planes overhead, the sudden moves… Everything scares him.

I take him to the UBC endowment lands, a big park, and he becomes a dog. Actually he becomes a Basset Hound. He sniffs, he tracks, he pees (30 to 40 pees per hour!) he poops (4 to 5 times per walk and I have to bring a whole bunch of poop bags), he runs around (off leash)… Basically, he becomes a dog and when he’s happy he has his ‘dumb Corgi look’.

When he goes into tracking mode, he loves going into holes like pipes, rotten trees… I don’t like it. My fear is that there will be some animal like a porcupine that will bite his nose off. I’ve already seen it once and it was very nasty.