Dodoïte — Clueless: Vancouver, BC

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This is what happens when doggies are kept in cages, instead of going to school! They don’t learn how to read the big signs. My previous dog would have given his opinion by peeing on it!

sign for doggy daycare

Clueless about Doggy Daycare: Vancouver, BC

Dodoïte (pronounced: Dodo ïte) has no understanding of what’s a doggy daycare. If he could read, he would run as far away as possible. He’s not a social dog. He doesn’t know how to play with dogs or even play with toys. Since people haven’t been nice to him when he was young, he doesn’t trust people either.

I earned his trust, not by feeding him, but by protecting him. He walks on my left, he walks on my right, he walks on my left… He switches side every few steps. It’s not for sniffing but because something worries him and he’s using me as a shield.