The Great Chicken Conspiracy: Vancouver, BC

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the great chicken conspiracy

The Great Chicken Conspiracy

There is the 9/11 conspiracy where people claim that it was George Bush that bombed the Twin Towers in New York. There is the Area 51 conspiracy in Nevada. The area is supposed to be closed because of aliens and UFOs.

At considerable personal risk, I have uncovered the ‘Great Chicken Conspiracy’.

There are chickens that have escaped the crutches of Tyson Foods and Mc Donald’s, aka the Mc Nuggets. These chickens are smart. They realized that they need to find some suckers (oops, I mean people) to look after them. If they staid as chicken, they would end up barbecued or something like that. So they put on some kind of doggy suits and pretend to be dogs.

But, they are not “real dogs”. My Dodoïte is one them…

The good thing is that I know the truth and if my Dodoïte (pronounced: Dodo ïte) doesn’t behave or do his work, I can threaten to reveal his true identity and turn him to Tyson Foods and Mc Donald’s…

How did I discover this conspiracy?

We have ways to make them talk!’ In my case, it was a bison sausage (no salt), actually it was only a half sausage. I gave Dodoïte, only half of the sausage to eat and I kept the second half, while blowing on the sausage so he would sniff and salivate. After less than a minute, he told me everything about the ‘Great Chicken Conspiracy’…