Dock Jumper: Vancouver, BC

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Artie (I think that’s the way it’s spelled, but I didn’t ask for the exact spelling) loves to jump in the water and catch the rope. He carries his rope everywhere.

His favourite competition is the toss. It’s almost like a narrow swimming pool, His owner throws the rope to the middle of the pool and Artie has to run from the back of the dock/swimming pool, jump in the water and while jumping in the water, he has to catch the rope before he touches the water.

Artie is a mix of a Labrador, a Portuguese Water Dog and something else, but his owner’s not too sure, but look at these paws. Huge and webbed… You can compare them to his friend the Blue Healer.

Artie is a Dock Jumper

Artie is a Dock Jumper


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