Fierce & Determined: Vancouver, BC

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determined dog on her way

Fierce and Determined Dog on Her Way

This dog looks so fierce and determined.

Nobody and nothing was going to stop her. I don’t know where she was going or who she was with. I didn’t see anybody that was obviously looking like a dog owner without a dog. Most of the times, it will be somebody with a leash in their hands or wrapped around their body. But not on that Sunday.

When I said, I don’t know where she was going, it’s not exactly true. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was going to the parking lot. It’s a long pathway that ends by the parking lot/street.

Ambleside Park, in West Vancouver, is one of the very few places that I let my own dog, Dodoïte , walk around without being on a leash.

  1. It’s an ‘off leash’ park for about 1/3rd of the park
  2. There’s no car, no house, no door suddenly opening or closing to scare my dog.
  3. He can sniff around and pee on all the bushes that the other dogs peed on…


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