The DeerHound: West Vancouver, BC

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deerhound at the beach

DeerHound at the Beach: West Vancouver, BC

I think that it’s a DeerHound, but I’m not too sure. This dog has slightly longer hairs and is a little bit smaller that the “standard Deerhound”. I couldn’t ask, the owner was “mia” (missing in action).May be somewhere else on the beach. If you know what type of dog is this, please correct me by emailing or contacting me.

This is a very disheveled DeerHound because he just came out of a swim to cool himself down after chasing a small dog. DeerHound are quite rare in my “neck of the woods” or in this case, the beach. DeerHounds are a very ancient breed. The Scots used DeerHounds to fight the Romans when they tried to expand from England to Scotland. There are many Roman stories of the Scots sending the DeerHounds attacking the Roman legions and then the Scots would attack and “finish the job”.


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