Deaf and Soon to be Blind: Vancouver, BC

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old pointer

Totally Deaf Pointer And Soon She’ll Be Blind

Freckles is an old Pointer and now she’s deaf. She doesn’t hear anything, not even the thunder. Like most dogs, Freckles used to be scared by the thunder and by the fireworks. She’s so deaf that now she doesn’t react anymore to either the thunder or the fireworks.

Her eyesight is also starting to fail her.

Pointer are hunting dogs that are used mostly for hunting birds. Pointers are designed to smell the bird. When they are close enough to the bird, they stop and point in the direction of the bird.

Freckles use to love to jump in the water or roam through the woods. Now, she can only be on a leash.

But her nose… As a Pointer, she was mostly a ‘nose on 4 wheels’ and now her nose seems to be getting better and better, she must be compensating.


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