Daffy The Duck

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A Doodle named Daffy The Duck

This Doodle is pretty much a genetics experiment. This Doodle is a female and her name is Daffy The Duck.

Daffy Duck (without “The”) is a male black duck, with a white collar around his neck, that is obnoxious and totally self-centered cartoon duck in the 1940s, 1950s and the 60s from the Looney Tunes by the Warner Brothers studio with Tex Avery and Bob Clampett.

Her name became Daffy The Duck because of her barking or more of the lack of the barking sound. Somehow, she doesn’t bark, she makes a noise that’s very close to a quack. Luckily she rarely barks. If she barked at intruders, they would laughing out loud and rolling on the floor. At the end of taking the photos, she did a small quack to my dog. What a hoot…


Camera: Canon 7DMkII ISO 800 and 1/200
Lens: Canon 70-200L/f4 @200mm and f/4
Processed with Rawtherapee 5.4: http://rawtherapee.com/