Cyclists: Amsterdam, NL

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cycling with a dog in amsterdam

Cycling with a Dog in Amsterdam

I was in Amsterdam for a couple of days as a layover between flights. There are millions and bazillions of cyclists, but very few cycle with their dogs. I only saw may be three or four people cycling with their dogs during my 2 days stay in Amsterdam. Either, there are very few dogs in Amsterdam, or the people hide their dogs indoor, or I was in the wrong area of town…

It’s not easy to bring a dog into the Netherlands. The dog needs a microchip. It also needs vaccination against rabies and finally it also needs a EU pet passport!

How does a cat or a dog get a passport? I don’t know, may be with a bark or a meow. How do they do the finger prints used in many European passports? That’s another question.


Camera: Pentax K20D ISO 400 and 1/100
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