Cycling with a Running Dog: Vancouver, BC

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cycling with a running dog

Cycling with a Running Dog

It’s difficult to cycle with a dog when the dog is on a leash and is pulling, especially in another direction than where the cyclist wants to go. That guy’s dogs wants to come and sniff my dog, that why the guy is going with his bicycle across the road toward me.

In some places, like the UK, it’s illegal to cycle with a dog. There’s been at least 2 recorded incidents where the cops have arrested, no just pulled over but arrested, the dog owners and seized the dogs because “it could be dangerous.”

One guy, in Blackburn, Lancashire UK, had to pay a fine of £260 plus £340 for the court costs and on top of that. He also had to pay a legal bill of £2,000 for his defence. (source Daily Mail, a UK newspaper)

A woman in Burnley, Lancashire also in the UK, was arrested and strip-searched (!) for using a bike harness with her dog. She was detained for 3 hours and eventually was fined £40. (source Daily Mail, a UK newspaper).

Like I said, it’s dangerous to cycle with a dog…


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