It was 9:30am, we (my dog and I) were walking down to the park when we met this wild coyote walking down the middle of the street looking for an ‘appropriate meal’. He wasn’t in any hurrying, and he wasn’t afraid.

Too often, the ‘appropriate meal’ is a cat. There are a lot of missing cat signs in my neighborhood. There are so many coyotes in Vancouver that the city has a map of coyote sightings with the reported coyote attacks.

Coyote roaming down the streets of Vancouver in the middle of the morning

What surprises me is that there was only one coyote. They often come in pair, especially at night.

Luckily, my dog was on his leash, actually he’s always on a leash we we are outside outside, unless it’s at the dog park or at home.

My dog, Dodoïte: which is afraid of everything, including his own shadow (literally), knows coyotes. He tracks them and wants to attack the them!… Recently, he almost ripped my arm off to jump and attack a coyote that we saw during our early morning walk.