The Cone of Shame: Ambleside Park, West Vancouver, BC

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doberman with 'cone of shame'

Doberman with ‘cone of shame’

This Doberman had to wear the ‘cone of shame’. She didn’t have any surgery, but it was to teach her to not scratch behind her right ear.

They checked with the vet if there was any infection. No problem there, it looked like it was only a bad habit.

I don’t know why people call it a ‘cone of shame’. Me, I call these: ‘satellite dishes’. That’s because, in another time and another galaxy, when satellite TV started, a friend had a satellite dish and the reception would change depending on the position of his dog who at the time wore a ‘cone of shame’.

The “official name” of these cone of shames is an Elizabethan collar. Many people also call these a lampshade or a pet radar dish. These Elizabethan collar started in the early 1970s when vets started doing a lot of surgeries on pets including spaying and neutering. This helps the cats and the help recover faster. This is what made it acceptable for people to allow for the use of the “cone of shame” on their pet despite all the inconveniences of that huge dish.


Camera: Canon 7D ISO 100 and 1/550
Lens: Canon 70-200mm f/4 @191mm and f/6.1
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