Cone of Shame: Vancouver, BC

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the cone of shame

The Cone of Shame: Vancouver, BC

He just had surgery, the day before. He’s not really scratching but it is best…

The official/real name for the cone of shame is the Elizabethan collar. Some people also call these cones of shame or lamp-shades or a radar dishes. Me, I call these satellite dishes. If you have the dog walk by the TV, it could pickup the TV signals…

These type of collars are cheap and fairly strong. If they get destroyed, it’s not the end of the world.

The soft fabric collars are easier to wear and when the cat or the dog crash into something there’s a lot less damage for both the animal and the ‘something’. My dog hates these, because then he can’t see.

My personal favourite is the BiteNot Collar. It looks like a neck brace with some flexible plastic and foam. It stops the dog from running into things and it stays on because it has a harness to keep it on the neck.


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