Chasing The Hol-ee Ball: Vancouver, BC

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chocolate labrador chasing a hol-ee ball

Chocolate Lab chasing Hol-ee ball

Cooper is a Chocolate Labrador Retriever. He loves chasing that Hol-ee ball. It is very easy to throw, and it was very easy for him to catch it. This lab had a ‘field day’ with it. Most of the time, Cooper was able to catch it in the air. It’s a great training tool for the fetch. It’s so good that many dogs want to carry the Hol-ee ball with them. It’s even possible to put in treats in the ball and let the dog figure out how to take the treat out of the ball.

After a good half and hour, being exhausted, Cooper did very well with his photo session.

Many dogs “destroy” their toys, aka kill them, but these Hol-ee balls are very rugged and withstand a lot of “dog abuse”…

The problem with these balls is they do not float on the water.


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