Charlie, the Sausage: Vancouver, BC

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This is Charlie, a long haired Daschund. There are 3 type of Dachshunds; the smooth coat, the long hair and the wire-haired Dachshund. We have a long haired Dachshund that lives across the lane on the same block, Eddie. Eddie barks a lot. He barks at anything and everything. If it moves, Eddie barks at it.

long haired dachshund

Charlie, the Sausage

The first few years for his owner were ‘a very trying times’ (quote-unquote). Eddie’s quite old now and he has somewhat quieted down. I think that a lot of his barking was due to bad vision. From my experience with Eddie, if it didn’t move, it seemed that Eddie couldn’t see it, then he’d rely on his nose and on barking…