Cesar and his Frisbee: Vancouver, BC

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german shepard with frisbee

German Shepard with Frisbee

Cesar is a big German Shepherd and he is a very dumb dog! How can a dog be dumb? He doesn’t learn from his mistakes, this is what makes him dumb!

Cesar carries his Frisbee everywhere he goes and he wants people to throw the Frisbee so he can run after it. What’s wrong with that? He doesn’t drop the Frisbee for the person to take it and to throw it.


He comes to the person, stops less than a foot away from the person and the person is supposed to take the Frisbee from his mouth to throw it.

Did I say that Cesar is a big German Shepard? Who wants to have a fight with the big German Shepard over a Frisbee? Guess how successful he is? Nobody wants to grab the Frisbee and throw it. Nobody! That’s what makes it Cesar a dumb dog. His success rate is: zero, nada, zip, none…

The only person that’s willing to do that is his owner, but his owner, Jack, get tired much before Cesar is done chasing the Frisbee.


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