Catching the Frisbee: Vancouver, BC

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Rhodesian Ridge Back catching her Frisbee

Rhodesian Ridge Back catching her Frisbee

This female Rhodesian Ridge Back just caught her Frisbee. Look at the grace, the perfect posture. The head held high, the tail held high, and the legs are stretched and in opposite position of each other.

Her name is either Wendy or Willie and she’s two years old. Her owner was busy talking to some friends when I interrupted. She would bring the Frisbee to her owner, drop it at his feet and he would throw the Frisbee while still talking to his friends. I staid there for about 10 minutes and she kept it on. She didn’t seem to get tired.


Camera: Canon 7DMkII ISO 250 and 1/250
Lens: Canon 70-200L/f4 @200mm and f/5.6
Processed with Rawtherapee 5.4: