Carrying his Frisbee: Vancouver, BC

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german sheppard carrying his frisbee

Carrying his Frisbee

Cesar is a playful middle-aged German Shepherd. Cesar always carry his plastic Frisbee. He eagerly approaches anyone who crosses his path in hopes that they will play a game of fetch with him. However, his enthusiasm always goes unfulfilled as he never drops the Frisbee on the ground for the person to throw.

The problem is that Cesar, a large German Sheppard, doesn’t drop the Frisbee on the ground. We, the strangers, are supposed to take it from his mouth and then throw the Frisbee. Guess how often that happens?

Nobody, zero, zip, nil.

Nobody wants to start a tug of war with a German Sheppard that they don’t know. Nobody knows that it will not be a tug of war. We, the strangers are just supposed to take it from his mouth. Cesar will not drop his Frisbee on the ground.

Cesar is sad because nobody, except for his owner, wants to take the Frisbee from his mouth and throw it so he can chase it.


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