Can She See Me?

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very fuzzy dog

Can This Dog See?

I’m sure that she can smell me and my dog, I’m not convinced that she can see us.

She’s so fuzzy that her hair covers her eyes and she has to see through layers. Maybe a good combing, but most likely a good trim at least around the eyes.

She can’t see well but she can hear and smell us. I’m not moving, I’m kneeling on the ground with my camera making the tah, tah, tah… noise from the shutter and the mirror flipping up and down. She’s not moving, she tries to understand what’s happening. Is it safe? Eventually, she decided that it was safe and went onto her walk. Her owner was walking behind her at 50 meters/yard back. So she has to be a confident dog. I just shook my head “Hi” to her owner as I walked by and kept on looking for my “next victim”.


Camera: Canon 7DMkII ISO 3200 and 1/160
Lens: Canon 70-200L/f4 @135mm and f/8
Processed with Darktable 2.4.1: