Booties: Vancouver, BC

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2 small dogs wearing booties

2 Small Dogs Wearing Booties

I took this photo in Yaletown in Vancouver, BC, just by the seawall and False Creek.

After I took the images of these 2 small dogs with their booties, I started talking to the owner about why did the dogs wear these booties. She said that it was to keep the carpets clean in her apartment.

This way, they only wear the booties outside. BTW, they don’t go out too often, maybe once a day, they pee and poop on the balcony…

The biggest challenge with dog booties is keeping them on their feet. Dogs don’t have well formed ankles like humans. The hard thing is finding booties that fit the dog’s ankle tightly enough without rubbing or annoying the dog.

It takes a while to get the dog accustomed to wearing any kind of booties. I have tried a few times with my dog, he’s an expert in ripping them off…