Dog vs Bicycle: Vancouver, BC

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dog running with his owner biking

Dog Running With His Owner Biking

Before having dogs, I use to bike. Then I got my first dog and the dream of going biking with my dog running along side. Like I said, it was a dream. It didn’t happen. I have never been able to bike with any of my dogs.

It’s always much easier to blame it on the dogs rather than blame oneself. All of my dogs have been rescues and difficult dogs that have always been afraid of everything, including their own shadows. But, I’m sure that it’s as much my problem as a problem with my dogs.

My first dog would first sit, all tense and nervous and since he had some Whippet in him, he’s take off with me without the bike. I tried it a few times, then I gave up.

My second dog wouldn’t even sit, he was too scared of the bicycle… So eventually, I gave up riding my bike and gave it away.


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