A Big Mastiff: Vancouver, BC

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very pushy Mastiff

Big George is a pushy Mastiff

This big Mastiff is named ‘Big George’ and weighs at least 175lbs (his last weighting was about a year ago).

Big George knows that he’s big. He is very, very pushy and when he pushes he often gets his way.

I don’t think I could ever own a Mastiff because of all the farts and because of the drool/slobber. (I think that I hate the drool even more than the farts. My first dog farted a lot and I put up with that).

The other problem with Mastiffs is that, like most large dogs, they don’t live long lives.

BTW, his current name is ‘Big George’ after ‘Giant George’ which is a Great Dane that’s supposed to be the tallest dog ever according to the Guinness Book of Record. His owner gave him different names but Big George ‘stuck’.


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