Another Hard Working Bulldog

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a hard working Bulldog sleeping

Bella: a very hard working Bulldog

Bella is a 6 month old Bulldog. She runs, she bites, she destroys, she plays for about half an hour, then it’s time for her to recharge her batteries.

She was already on the fake leather couch. She turned and fell asleep in less than 2 seconds. Like almost all Bulldogs, she snores in her sleep. I don’t mind when dogs snore. It’s not the hard snore of us humans. It’s a more muted snore.

Contrarily to humans, it’s normal for dogs to snore. They do not have sleep apnea. Instead when they have a extremely short nose (mostly pushed inside) and a soft palette (which can be a problem) the air passing through when breathing will make the snoring sound…

I took a few more photos when she was sleeping and that was the end of the session. I didn’t have the heart to wake her up. And usually the photos of tired dogs never turn out to be good photos.


Camera: Pentax K20D ISO 1600 and 1/20s
Lens: Sigma 17-70 @34mm and f/8.1
Processed with ART 1.9.3: