What’s the job of a Beagle?

Its job is to find ‘it’ and to tell you that he found it. That’s a Beagle’s purpose in life. The next question is: what did he find and how does he tell you?

He’ll find either another dog, or what he thinks that you are looking for. Then, how does he let you know that he ‘found it’? Usually, it’s by howling.

The problem is that most people ignore their Beagle when he’s howling, so he’ll howl some more until he’s sure that you know that he found it! Can you stop a Beagle from howling? It’s almost impossible, but by let him know that he did his job, life will improve by reduce the stress level…

Beagle Just Before Howling

Beagle Just Before Howling


Before (left) and after (right) as processed with Darktable 2.0.4

Before (left) and After (right)

Camera: Canon 7D ISO 320 and 1/320s
Lens: Canon 70-200 f/4L IS @192mm and f/4.5
Processed with Darktable 2.0.4: http://www.darktable.org/