Bad Hair Day: Vancouver, BC

category: Dogs • 1 min read

Toby, a black Labradooddle is having a very bad hair day

Toby, a Black Labradooddle, is having a bad hair day. In the wind, his hair flies everywhere and he doesn’t look his best.

Toby is very nice and very polite with excellent doggy manners.

He came to ask me permission if he could sniff my dog, after a good petting, I said yes. Then he had a good sniff! After his sniff, he stood there and waiting patiently while I was talking to the lady looking after him (she was doing a few weeks of dog sitting).

Toby is supposed to the short for Tobias, but in this case it’s the short for Toblerone. It’s the chocolate that was created by Mr Tobler in Switzerland at the beginning of the 20th century.

Black dogs are very difficult to photograph.

  1. They are black and they are supposed to be black in the image.
  2. We need to have enough details in the dark areas to see enough details to make out the eyes, the nose, the ears…