Abandoned: Vancouver, BC

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abandoned dog

Abandoned: Vancouver, BC

This dog was tied up at one of the entrance of the Granville Island Public Market. It’s a very nice dog, not once did she growled. As soon as somebody walked by the entrance door, she didn’t move, she only lifted her head and paid attention.

According Stanley Coren, there are more dogs stolen than bicycles. The most stolen dogs by breed are:

  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Pomeranian
  • Maltese
  • Boston Terrier
  • French Bulldog

Most of them are stolen as puppies/young dogs. Then people resell them.

BTW, My dog is so ‘cute’ that I’ve already had people wanting to buy him. One person, a woman, even offered $800 for him. During one of my walk with my dog https://www.sritch.com/tag/dodoite.html, another woman came running after me and said:

I love your dog. I love your dog so much, that you have to give it to me.

I was shocked and shook my head and kept on walking. I saw the same woman the next day, then she asked me if at least I could let her walk my dog…


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