Darktable: Lighttable Overlays part 2

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Darktable, shows some information about the image, like the filename, the extension, the operture, the shutter speed, the focal lens, and the iso. The problem, for me, is that I use the virtual copies (in Lightroom language), aka duplicates (in Darktable language), a lot.

What’s what? Which one is the original photo and which one is the virtual copy, aka the duplicate? Darktable doesn’t show it in the Lighttable. It shows it in the Darktable.

default information in lighttable

Information Displayed in Lighttable

As you can see, nothing differentiates the original photo from the virtual copy/duplicate.

I changed the Darktable settings, by clicking on the gear (#1)

change darktable settings

How To Change Darktable Settings

I changed the Darktable settings from:

original settings before changes

Showing Image Information In Lighttable

to (#1)


and (#2)


and here’s what the lighttable looks like afterward:

showing image information in lighttable

Showing Virtual Copy/Duplicate Information In Lighttable

Notice (#1) where it shows v:0 and (#2) where it show v:1

  • v:0 is the original image
  • v:1 is the first virtual copy/duplicate. If there is more than one duplicate, it will go to v:2, v:3 and so on.

see also https://www.sritch.com/darktable/lighttable-overlays.html for more information.