Darktable: Recommended Workflow

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Darktable 3.x is a radical departure Darktable 2.x. New modules, old modules that are not recommended anymore. A whole bunch of modules from Darktable 2.x should even be avoided in Darktable 3.x.

The workflow in Darktable 3.x has been significantly simplified. Here’s the new workflow.

  1. Exposure
  2. White balance
  3. Color balance
  4. Filmic RGB

These 4 modules will do between 80% and 90% of all the processing need for a photo. How more simple could it become?

Then there is the finishing of the processed image:

Function Darktable 3.x preferred module
sharpness local contrast module: local laplacian filter
denoise denoise (profiled) module: non-local means auto
black and white color calibration: B&W presets
overall contrast tone equalizer: one of the presets

BTW, this information is a summary of what was published by Aurelien Pierre. Aurelien Pierre is the main developer of the Filmic Module (and many others modules).