Darktable: Darkroom Local Edits

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Darktable does local edits, but not like Adobe’s Lightroom. It does them just like Adobe’s Photoshop, by layers.

  1. The same module can be used multiple times. How many times? That’s a good question. On one image, I have used 12 times the same exposure module. And then there were all the other modules…
  2. Click on the “new instance” (the arrow) and it will create a duplicate of the module.

darkroom: new instance of the module

Darktable Darkroom: New Instance of the Module

Then to apply the new instance of the module to a section, either draw a mask (1) or select with a parametric mask (2), or use the draw + parametric mask (3).

darkroom: module masks

Darktable Darkroom: Module Masks