Waiting To Go Back Home

category: Cats • 1 min read

cat waiting at the door to go back home

cat waiting at the door

This cat wanted to come back into the house but there was nobody. When I passed there, she was already waiting and when I came back about 45 minutes later she was still waiting.

Since the photo was taken just before 6pm, I guess that she must have been waiting for her meal.

One of the problem is that in my neighborhood, there are coyotes and cats make excellent dinners for the coyotes.

BTW, she’s looking very intensely because I’m walking by with my dog and I’m taking the photo as I’m passing by. My dog is on the leash but still, she’s cautious.


Camera: Canon PowerShot G9 ISO 200 and 1/25
Lens: Canon 16mm and f/5
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