Missing Cat Sign: Vancouver, BC

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Helios, the cat, has gone missing.

There are a lot of missing cat signs. If Helios’ owners can find him within a couple of days of him disappearing then they are OK.

The problem is that it’s very unlikely that they will ever find him. In my neighbourhood, almost all of these missing cats have been coyotes’ dinners. We have a very large park with many smaller parks in the neighborhood and there are quite a few coyotes. I’ve encountered a few myself. I have seen single coyotes during the day but often as a pair at night.

The last time my dog and I encounters a pair of them, I made a lot of noise and waved my arms around. The pair of coyote was considering my dog as a potential dinner. I convinced them otherwise…

BTW, the phone numbers are not Vancouver/local phone numbers.

Another missing cat sign

Another Missing Cat Sign


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