Leo: Vancouver Downtown Eastside, BC

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Leo is a small orange tabby cat

Leo is a small orange tabby cat.

Usually orange tabbies are big, huge cats, big boned with big meat around the big bones. Leo is small.

He lost his right ear in an alley fight, just before he was rescued. John found him in a back alley bleeding with pieces of his right ear hanging.

Leo’s unhappy, he going to be tortured. Marguerite is going to cut his nails. To make sure Leo doesn’t scratch, he was wrapped in a towel.

I don’t understand why people make it so difficult to trim the nail of their pets.

My cat wasn’t the Einstein of the cat’s world, he was at the other end of the scale. It took him only 3 times to learn that getting the nails cut is good! Each time after the cutting of the nails, he got a few small pieces of smoked salmon or sliced meat. Whenever he sees me getting the nail clippers, he meows, jumps onto his platform and flops down to get his nails cut.