The Last Few Sunny Days

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cat in window

Cat in Window

It’s fall, it’s sunny and the days are getting shorter. It’s getting colder and the cats know it. There are a lot less cats roaming the streets. Even indoor cats know that it’s the fall and they take advantage of the last few rays of the sun by basking on the window ledge.

I walk by this apartment complex almost everyday, and this cat is in the window only when it’s sunny in the winter, spring and fall. She (I guess) is never in the window during the summer.

People are being affected by the shorter winter daylight, especially in Canada, we are so North that at the winter solstice we only get 8¼ hours of daylight. Are cats also affected by the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) just like humans? It seems like my cat use to sleep a little more in the winter than at other times of the year, but cats sleep as much as 18 hours per day…


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