Another Drug Addict Hooked on Catnip

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cat eating catnip

Drug Addict Hooked on Catnip

Almost all cats can easily get hooked on catnip. Here’s “another one bite the dust!”

Cats can’t help themselves. The vast majority of the cats can’t resist catnip. It’s not just cats but also leopards and cougars. They break the catnip, they eat the catnip, they sniff the catnip and finally roll themselves in the catnip.

Some people claim that the catnip make the cats sleepy and purring. My question is how do they know when a cat is sleepy? Cats already sleep 18 to 20 hours a day…

BTW, catnip is also an insect repellent against mosquitoes, flies and some people claim that it even repels cockroaches & termites.


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