Some Cats Own the Place

Cat Sitting on Counter

Cat Sitting on Counter

Some cats live in a place. They are just residents, they go through a place. They have a bed, a bowl to drink and to eat but these cats are just residents.

Some cats own the place where they live. This happens more often with indoor cats, but not with all indoor cats.

The desk becomes their place and the humans have to work around them.

This cat is Sandie, I didn’t ask why this unusual spelling. Sandie was found injured on the road on the edge of the forest and now she lives at the vet place. Nobody has adopted her and now she’s the boss, she greets everybody except for the dogs. She keeps her distances with the dogs.

BTW, when she’s on the counter, she only sits on the calendar.


Camera: Fuji X-T10 ISO 1600 and 1/15
Lens: 18-55/f2.8-4 OIS @34mm and f/11
Processed with Rawtherapee 5.4: