Killer Cat and Survivor: Vancouver, BC

Outdoor Cat At Full Attention

Outdoor Cat At Full Attention

His name is “Max” but his nickname is “The Killer”. He lives in the city jungle and he is both a killer (big time) and a survivor.

Max, the killer: his little bell is for the birds, so they can hear him. Even with the bell, he’s had plenty of successes. He kills birds, especially Chickadees, and often he will bring the dead birds home. His owners are not impressed with his prowess. Once they tried to keep indoor. That didn’t go well. Max kept on searching for ways to escape and there was a lot of destruction. His owners gave up.

Max, the survivor: not long ago, he had to go to the vet with talon injuries on his back. It was either from an eagle, or a snowy owl, or a falcon… They don’t know which one tried to take him as dinner, but somehow he managed to escape.


Notice Max stance! I have my big camera with a big lens. I’m starring at him and he’s not afraid. He’s curious and wondering what’s happening, but no fear!


Camera: Canon EOS 7D ISO 800 and 1/160
Lens: Canon EF70-200mm f/4L IS USM @73mm and f/6.3
Processed with ART 1.7.1: