On His Way To Work

He said that he was going to do some ‘headshots’.

BTW, his tripod is orange. That’s what attracted my attention.

photographer on his way to work

Photographer on his way to work

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Mine’s bigger than yours

The winner of the tele photo wars is the guy in the middle. The guy between the Canon 500 at the front and the Minolta 600 at the back, with the small narrow white tube. It’s a 1200mm digiscope. He has it mounted on an Olympus m4/3!

The 1200mm digiscope on a micro-4/3rd camera gives him a whopping 2400mm lens. So he works at f/11 with an ISO that oscillates between ISO 1600 and ISO 3200.

Photographer with a 1200mm mounted on his Olympus camera

Photographer with a 1200mm mounted on his Olympus camera

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Hunting Snowy Owls

The previous summer was extremely rich in mice, rodents…. in the arctic. The Snowy Owls had many off-springs. They (mostly the young) couldn’t deal with the 40 and 50 below 0 (both in Fahrenheit and in Celsius), so they moved south to the Lower Mainland, BC. 24 of them!

They had the Snowy Owls on the news on TV and the photographers started to hunt them. Hundreds of photographers (BTW, this includes me who was also there). The word hunt is not an understatement. Snowy Owls, hunt at night and sleep during the day.

I staid on the pathway trying not to disturb them too much. Many photographers decided to surround them and close in before the attack. This is one of the group.

BTW, the vast majority of the people were using Canon and most of them were either using the 500mm f/4 or the 100-400 f/4.5-5.6.

Photographers hunting for Snowy Owls

Photographers hunting for Snowy Owls

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Point and Shoot

The guy (the photographer) staid in this position for a good 10 minutes. He was yelling (actually a very loud voice) to the lady to hold it up, put it down, turn…

It looks like the lady is holding some kind of rubber chicken in her hand.

Photographer doing the spread

Photographer doing the spread

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A Real Pro

This guy is taking a photo of Vancouver False Creek. So what makes him a ‘real pro’?

  1. Tripod
  2. Good camera, a Canon 6D
  3. The best lens for architecture: The Canon 24mm TSE. It’s a tilt/shift lens that allows for the building to be ‘straight’ and not fall over when the camera is pointed up.

I wonder what he’s trying to adjust. The lens is set to 0. This means: no tilt and no shift. I have a whole sequence and in all of the images the lens is still in neutral position (no adjustment).

Canon 6D with 24mm TSE

Canon 6D with 24mm TSE

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Beautiful Images Coming

This is mother is taking great photos of her 2 year old son.

This is Reifel Bird Sanctuary, which is about 30km/20 miles south of Vancouver, BC.

I haven’t seen her images but I know that they are going to be good:

  1. She’s at eye level with her son.
  2. Her son is busy feeding the ducks and the geese.
  3. Her lens is the standard 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 on a Canon T5i. She has a good view of the overall scene.

She can’t miss.

Mother taking beautiful photos of her son

Beautiful Images Coming

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New Ways of Using a Tripod

I’m not sure what he’s trying to achieve.

Either he’s trying to balance the camera (a Canon 7DmkII with a 16-35mm L lens) like a Steadicam using the tripod being the counter weight or just plain and simple he can’t be bothered closing the tripod.

I wonder if it works.

Could I use my tripod at arms length and use a small open tripod to counter-weight the movements?

New way of using a tripod

New way of using a tripod

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This photographer carries $22,000 on his shoulder:

  • Canon 1Dmk4
  • Canon 500mm f/4 Mk2
  • Gitzo tripod
  • Wemberly gimball head
  • Nikon binoculars

BTW, this was not a good day for photographing birds.

This photographer carries $22,000 on his shoulder

Carrying $22,000 on his shoulder

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