Must Be The Most Expensive Camera Bag

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Imelda Marcos, the wife of Ferdinand Marcos, the ex-president of the Philippine, was famous for having a closet the size of a large bedroom with the walls having 1000s of pairs of shoes, costing millions of dollars.

I’m not as bad with camera bags as Imelda Marcos was with shoes, but I can always look…

I found this bag on Amazon on August 6th: It looks like a ‘cheap …

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Same Image?

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Will these 3 photographers have the same images?

Will these 3 photographers have the same images?

Will these 3 photographers have the same images? Two of these photographers are taking images at 400mm. The Nikon guy uses a 70-200mm and the TC2x. The Canon guy uses a 100-400mm. The only guy that is slightly different is the guy at the back with a 500mm and the Better Beamer on his flash.

They have the same position, the same …

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The photographers’ zoo

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A dozen of photographers trying to take photos of 3 sleepy snowy owls

A dozen of photographers trying to take photos of 3 sleepy Snowy Owls

A dozen people are trying to taking photos of 3 sleepy Snowy Owls. Their cameras range from nothing to $$$.

  • 1 guy calling his wife or girl friend and describes what he sees
  • A kid watching with binoculars
  • A lady using her iPhone
  • A lady using a small Sony point and shoot
  • A guy with a small video …

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$149 Wedding Photography: Burnaby, BC

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This photo studio offers wedding photo for $149

$149 Wedding Photo

If you look closely, you will notice that the $149 wedding photo is a singular. Yes, the $149 is for a single wedding photo. The photographer will come to the wedding and each photo chosen by the family will be $149. It does add up very quickly. This $149 photo is an 8x10 inch print plus the digital image.

It doesn’t include any album or any …

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What’s The Best Setting For…

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The other day, somebody asked for my help. She wanted me to tell her what’s the best settings for her Canon for…

I regularly get the same question but in a different form:

  • What’s the best camera…
  • What’s the best lens…
  • What’s the best camera bag…
  • What’s the best way of using the flash remotely…

There’s no best setting for your camera, there’s …

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Questions Not To Ask A Photographer

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Recently, I was asked by a potential customer one of the “worst” question she could ask:

Which camera are you using?

anonymous (2019)

It’s like asking a mechanism which wrench does he use? Or asking a painter which brush size does he use?

As a photographer that deals with living people and animals, I have to deal with two main things:

  1. Light
  2. Moment

The Light

I can control the …

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ExpoDisc White Balance

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This guy is trying to photograph goslings that are hiding in the bush.

The weather was partially cloudy with some winds. So, every couple of minutes, this guy was taking his ExpoDisc out from his side pocket and re-metering his white balance.

Most of the time, I do not bother with the white balance, I have my camera set to daylight white balance. The problem is indoors when trying to …

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Tourists and the Obligatory Selfie

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In January 2017, German researchers studied the selfies and found that:

  • 77% of the smartphone users took a selfie at least once a month
  • 49% of the smartphone users received at least one selfie every week
  • People thought that their own selfies were somewhat ironic and playful
  • 82% of the people would rather see ‘more usual pictures’ then selfies on social media
  • 90% of the people thought that others’ selfies …

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