Lightroom: Thumbnail Sizes

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One of the big strength of Lightroom is its flexibility. There’s always more than one way of doing things in Lightroom. This flexibility is also one of the source of frustration with many users. Lightroom’s flexibility allows for the almost infinite customization of your own workflow.

One of my most often used step is to clear the whole desktop, use Lightroom’s Grid view (“g”) and pick, reject …

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Lightroom: Tips That Make My Life Easier

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Where is that photo on my computer?

Right-click on the photo for the pop-up menu and select Go to Folder in Library. The folder will become selected in the Library module.

Need 2 different crops for 2 different print sizes?

Right-click on the photo and select Create Virtual Copy for each print size. Then do the crop for each print size. Starting with LR4, you need to create virtual copies …

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Lightroom: Why Use Virtual Copies?

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Since 2012 with Lightroom 4, Adobe has changed how Lightroom treat flags, labels and ratings. Now virtual copies have become much more important.

To create a virtual copy, select a photo, then: Menu > Photo > Create Virtual Copy or Ctrl-L / Option-L

What’s a virtual copy?

It’s an “almost” copy of a photo. It’s not a copy of that photo, it’s a different version of that photo. You …

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Lightroom: Make Your Skies Pop

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Skies are often under-rated. The vast majority of the times, the skies are only “good” during the sunrise or the sunset. The problem is that the vast majority of the photos are not taken at sunrise or sunset. That’s why in the 1980s, the color polarizing filters were popular, just like HDR is today.

In Lightroom, the common recommendation is to use the graduated filter to darken the skies …

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Lightroom: The Recovery Slider

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Lightroom Develop Module Sliders, recovery/fill/black

Lightroom Develop Module Sliders: Recovery, Fill & Black

Everybody uses the Exposure slider to make their photo lighter or darker. Then the problems starts, what to do with the recovery, fill… The problems are due to Adobe’s “poor documentation”. I will attempt to clarify.

The recovery slider works best with RAW photos. It will still work with JPEG photos, but not as well.

Differences between Exposure and Recovery

Slider Decrease …

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Lightroom: Rearrange Keywords

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Some people are very good at making decisions and at sticking to them. These people immediately decide on some keywords and that’s it, no more changes. I can’t. I often have to go back to add more keywords, to change some keywords or even to delete some keywords. Lightroom does not have an automatic way of changing, rearranging and reorganizing keywords, but it is only a 2 step …

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Lightroom: Getting Good Prints from Costco

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Everybody is bashing Costco because their prints are cheap. I use Costco, not by choice but by necessity. I have a custom lab, but anything as next day service is very expensive and same day service, we are not talking 1 hour service here, cost an arm and a leg ($39 for one 5” by 7”.) I could print my own but I can never get it right on the …

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Lightroom: Improve Your Photos in Less than 1 minute

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Whenever somebody complains that their photos do not look “right”, the “Mr Know-It-All” will always give the same answer:

Hey, idiot! Why are you asking that dumb question? Obviously, you didn’t calibrate your hellip;

Just add the word monitor, printer…

Does calibration help? Yes, but not as much as you think, the problem is that it’s almost impossible to match colors over different mediums. You can say and …

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