Lightroom: Exceed the Minimum System Requirements

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Adobe has recently updated their help/web pages for Lightroom performance.

Adobe’s minimum system requirements to run Lightroom are just that: the minimum you need for Lightroom to operate.

The faster processor, the more significant performance benefits. The requirements vary depending on the following:

  • The types of files you work with. JPEG images are much smaller and the catalog can run faster when using JPEGs instead of RAW.
  • Their …

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Lightroom: Terms

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Lightroom has all kind of wordings, especially in the Develop module. Some of it makes sense, but some of it…

  • Exposure: sets the image brightness.
  • Contrast: Separates the dark and the light tones from the middle tones.
  • Shadows: Adjusts dark image areas.
  • Highlights: Adjusts light image areas.
  • Whites: Adjusts the white clipping.
  • Blacks: Adjusts the black clipping.

  • Clarity: Sharpening and details in the mid-tones.
  • Saturation: Adjusts the intensity of all …

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Lightroom: Spring Cleaning

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Spring is just around the corner and it’s time for a good spring cleaning. Sometimes, actually often, Lightroom can become very messy. A good wash and cleanup can help a lot. The larger the catalog, the messier Lightroom gets.

The Files

The Photos

The simplest and the best way to speedup everything is to delete all the “so-so” photos. All the photos that you have never looked back at …

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Lightroom Error: Metadata Conflict

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Some photographers like to live on the bleeding edge of the technology, and some other photographers like to wear both belt and suspenders. I’m more on the belt and suspenders side than on the bleeding edge. That’s why I like to have the metadata stored in both the Lightroom catalog and the XMP files: Edit > Preferences > Metadata > Automatically write changes into XMP.

The problem is that sometimes Lightroom …

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Lightroom: Useful Shortcuts

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Some people like shortcuts, some people prefer using menus and the mouse. For the people that like using the shortcuts, Lightroom is full of it. The last I checked, the Adobe techie where at 300+ shortcuts. Every shortcut can be executed via the menus or some context menu. Here are the shortcuts that I use on regular basis, pretty much every time I use Lightroom.

Key Purpose
G Switch to …

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Lightroom: Keywords v. Collections

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Lightroom supports keywords and collections. What’s the difference? It’s a different way of looking at the world.


  1. The keywords exist both inside Lightroom and outside of Lightroom. When exporting photos to JPEG, TIFF, DNG… The image will still have the keywords attached. Almost all programs can read the keywords attached to a photo.
  2. Keywords are always inserted manually or during the import.
  3. Keywords can be hierarchical, to …

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Lightroom: Searching For ‘And’ or ‘Or’

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Lightroom uses SQLite for keeping tracks of “things” in the catalog. In the Lightroom world it’s called a catalog, in the computer world it’s called a database. Databases are like Rolodex on steroids. You can ask all kind of questions, aka queries in the computer world, aka filters in the Lightroom world, like: show me all the photos that have dogs and are a family pet… or show …

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Lightroom: Headline v Title v Caption

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What’s the difference between the headline, the title, or the caption and what about the description?

The problem is that the difference depends on which standard is used. You would think that the IPTC would be the standard. IPTC or Adobe? Let’s face it, Adobe is bigger and more important. IPTC is used by a few hundred organizations, Adobe (Lightroom and Photoshop CSx) is used by millionS of …

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