XMas Gathering: Vancouver, BC

group photo of dogs: Vancouver, BC

Dog Group Photo

This photo was made after the Vancouver Emily Carr “petting’athon” for Emily Carr students. It’s not easy to get so many people and dogs ready at the same time, especially with a dozen people jumping in front of me to make a photo.


Camera: Canon 7D Mark II ISO 400 and 1/30
Lens: Canon 24-70L/f4 @97mm and f/7.1
Processed with …

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Blue: a Beagle

blue: a beagle

Blue: a beagle

Blue is supposed to be a dog. She’s not a dog. She’s a nose on 4 wheels. She doesn’t listen to anything or anybody. Even food doesn’t distract her from her sniffing. She’ll keep tracking the smell. That’s why, when going outside, she’s always on a leash. Occasionally, she has to be on the leash even in the house!

When …

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Dachshund at the park

Merlot, the sausage, aka a Daschund

Merlot was a “good sausage”, aka a smooth coat Dachshund. He just passed away. It’s very difficult. Dogs (and cats by the way) are not children, but they are members of the family and it hurts when they are gone.

Camera: Pentax K20D ISO 800 and 1/90
Lens: Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5 DC Macro @790mm and f/11
Processed with …

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Mastiff: Vancouver, BC

mastiff waiting patiently

Mastiff Waiting Patiently

This Mastiff was waiting for her owner. She’s very big and most people were afraid of her. She didn’t do anything. She didn’t make any noise, no barking, no whimpering. She didn’t even looked at people in the eyes. She didn’t like having to stay and wait for her owner. But everybody was crossing the small sidewalk to avoid her. Dogs can …

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Snootsy: Not Impressed

15 years old dachshund in the rain

Snootsy: a 15 years old Dachshund

Snootsy is a 15 years old ‘sausage’, aka a Dachshund. Snootsy looks very goods for a 15 years old dog, especially for a Dachshund. Often Dachshunds get back and spine problems, not Snootsy.

I took photos inside his house and yes it’s his house, he allows the other occupants in his house. After that, I decided to take some photos outside. It’s …

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Puppy With Grass Allergies

puppy with allergies walking in the tall grass

Puppy With Grass Allergies

This puppy was walking in the tall grass.

He was sniffing around, then sneezing a few times and then when he couldn’t see anything, he finally sneezed a couple of more times and then he could see again.

He was sniffing around, then sneezing a few times and then when he couldn’t see anything, he finally sneezed a couple of more times and then …

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Nkosa: The Prince

nkosa, the prince

Nkosa, The Prince

Nkosa was old, very old. I did his photos in his last few days. He passed away just a few weeks later. He was very weak, he couldn’t walk anymore.

I tried to show in this photo his dignity. Before this photo, Nkosa did a supreme effort to sit but after a couple of minutes, it was becoming too difficult. Then he laid down and he …

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Otis: The English Bulldog

white english bulldog

Otis, the English Bulldog, Vancouver, BC

Otis is an 8 years old English Bulldog. He looks the part, he’s nice and he’s just a stubborn as English Bulldogs are supposed to be. He uses his give to make himself a dead weight when he doesn’t want to move or go somewhere.

Otis is a calm and slow dog. He doesn’t walk fast, he saunters.

BTW, his …

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