Mouthing Around: West Vancouver, BC

2 dogs mouthing around

Two Dogs Mouthing Around: Vancouver, BC

Lizzy, the white dog, is playing with a Shiba Inu, the brown dog. It looks fierce, but they are just playing.

Usually, when a dog doesn’t like it anymore, that dog starts whimpering and the other dog usually stops.

What makes the difference between playing around and getting ready to attack? Directions and tensions.

  1. Direction: They are not facing each other, they are running in the same direction …
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Photographing in the Fog: West Vancouver, BC

Photographing in the fog with his dog and a smartphone

Photographing in the fog with his dog and a smartphone

This guy is using his smartphone to photograph the fog. I’m using a ‘real’ camera to photograph him photographing in the fog.

The fog was starting to lift and some of the sun started to shine through the fog.

Earlier, it used to be fairly heavy fog. A quick breeze with the warming sun and the fog started to lift. We went from “pea …

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Oscar, the 13 years old: Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog: 13 years old

Scruffy/Wet Old English Sheepdog

Oscar is a 13 years old, Old English Sheepdog. He looks scruffy because in spite of being 13 years and a cold foggy winter day, he went to play into the sea.

Like all people that walk with their dog, they walk in sync and at the same pace.

I’m not talking about people that walk against their dog. That’s the ones on the fishing line where the …

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The Flying Locca: Vancouver, BC

Jack Russell that needs to run

Flying Locca: Crazy Jack Russell

This Jack Russell’s name is Locca. It’s the Spanish name for crazy. Translated, it’s the “Flying Crazy”.

Her owner is a lady from Nicaragua who just had a baby. She’s pushing her stroller with one hand and throwing the ball with her other hand and she said:

Locca goes crazy if she doesn’t run or chase the ball at least an hour and half.

Manuella …

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Who’s Sniffing Who? Vancouver, BC

Dogs sniffing each others

Who’s Sniffing Who? Vancouver, BC

Three dogs sniffing each each other and making a circle.

Dogs are opportunists when it come to sniffing or to eating any food…

Some dogs are positive opportunists and some other dogs are negative opportunists. Usually dogs are positive opportunists, they try to help each other, it’s the pack. They eat according to their status within the pack. The most important dog gets the best parts and is …

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Anxious Dogs: Vancouver, BC

2 anxious dogs

2 Anxious Dogs

Both dogs were very anxious but this lady had no problem with me taking a photo of her with her two dogs.

Are these dogs afraid because I’m a man? Could be. Many dogs are afraid of men and this is due mostly to the lack of socialization or they’ve beaten/abused by men. Let’s face it, most abused dogs were abused by men, except for the puppy mills …

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Another Happy Dog: Vancouver, BC

Another happy dog

Another happy dog walking around Stanley Park

Just another happy dog on a walk on the Stanley Park’s seawall.

Photographing black dogs is always difficult. Cameras don’t like black. The photo of the black dog has to show black. But if it’s too black, there’s nothing just a “big black blob”.

The solution? Show enough details in the black and contrast the black with other colours which is not always easy …

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The Beginning of Troubles

Rhodesian Ridgeback coming to mount MY dog

Rhodesian Ridgeback coming to mount MY dog

This male Rhodesian Ridgeback came to sniff my dog, another male.

Then HE decided to mount him and for the next 10 minutes, I had to battle him and I won the battle. Where was his owner? MIA… Eventually I found him and he said:

Let the dogs figure it out by themselves.”

No. I protect my dog, especially from “dimwits”. Why should I let my dog be …

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He Never Looks: Vancouver, BC

Dog that never looks at the camera

He Never Looks at the Camera

His owner said as he passed by:

You are lucky, he never looks at the camera’

The camera looks like a confrontational posture by leaning in their direction and usually I focus the lens at their eyes.

If I try to take a picture from a few feet away, dogs go in a typical avoidance behavior, by turning their head away and/or closing their eyes.

In this case …

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Just a Happy Dog: Vancouver, BC

Happy dog on his walk

Happy Dog on his Walk

Just another happy dog walking around town.

The problem is that people mistake a big mouth with wide lips as a happy smile.

  1. Most people can read their own dogs.
  2. Most people read other dogs wrong because they assume that all dogs are like their dog.
  3. The important parts are the ears, the hair between the shoulders, and the “tense-ness” of the dog.

Of course a dog growling and getting …

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The Moving Statue: Vancouver, BC

French Bulldog that manages to run around and be a statue at the same time

The Moving Statue

Kellie is a female French Bulldog. Somehow she manages to run around and be a statue at the same time.

The moves, she stops. Actually, she doesn’t stop, she freezes while she assesses the ‘situation.’ Her owner is jogging and she froze because of my camera (I think). That was only for a second or two and as soon as she was behind by the length of the leash, she started …

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