Happy Doodle: Vancouver, BC

Happy Doodle

Happy Doodle

Some dogs always look very serious, so dogs look like they are enjoying their life. This ‘Doodle’ looked like he was enjoying ‘his’ jogging. Actually, it was a lady and she wasn’t jogging, she was running.

Dogs, just like people, need to warm up before the run. This dog is not running yet, he’s just doing a fast walk. We can see that from the legs. For a dog to actually …

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Professional Hunter: Vancouver, BC

Weimaraner hunting in the forest

Weimaraner Hunting

Kurt is a professional hunter. Weimaraner are supposed to be hunting dogs, but in my neck of the woods, nobody (with these dogs) goes hunting. They just want that type of dog for the style and their good character. The Weimaraner became very popular with the general public after the William Wegman’s photos. That’s the photos of his Weimaraner dressed as a person.

Kurt is hunting dog and every winter he …

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Dog Working for Xmas

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel working during Xmas

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Some dogs have to work for a living. Ripley, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has to have her “personal space” invaded by all kind of people. She’s there to be petted at one of the local university. One person is fine but sometimes, it’s a ‘boat load’ of people. And then they have to learn how to cope with all the people.

It takes hours of training for dogs to get used to people petting. Sometimes it’s a ‘boat load’ at a time and often these people are afraid of dogs.

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Lilliputian v Gulliver

a puppy and his master

Lilliputian v Gulliver

There are many movies made from the book: Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift. My favorite version is the 1939 version with Jessica Dragonette and Lanny Ross.

When I look at the photo of this French Bulldog looking up to his owner, I think about the Lilliputians from Gulliver’s Travels.

Not exactly true, since he’s scratching himself while pointing his head up, but it still sounds good.


Before (left) and after (right) as processed with Darktable 2.2.5

Before (left …

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Jogging with a dog: Vancouver, BC

Some dogs are better at jogging

Jogging: Vancouver, BC

Some dogs are better at jogging than others. Usually a medium size dog, svelte will do well with jogging.

  • The bigger the dog, the more difficult for them to run and harder it is on the joints.
  • The smaller the dog, the less distance between the steps and they will have ‘knit’ real fast.

This lady wasn’t jogging, she was running and her dog had problem keeping up with her.

Technical …

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Black Lab: Vancouver, BC

Black Labrador

Black Dog Running: Vancouver, BC

Normal“ Labradors are either yellow or chocolate/brown. But the black Labrador is a lit bit different, it came from the St John’s dog of Newfoundland and got bred in England to become black. Also, they used to have a longer black fur and more upright ears.

Today, most Black Labradors will have a white spot either at the bottom of their chest or under one of the paws …

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Max: The Lab-Beagle mix

Max: The Lab-Beagle mix

Max: The Lab-Beagle mix

According to his owner, Max is a Lab-Beagle mix. She thinks that he’s around 2 years. Max is nice and friendly, he’s not just a nose on 4 wheels legs. Max likes people and he almost never owls. He enjoys going for his walks.


Before (left) and after (right) as processed with Rawtherapee 5.3

Before (left) and After (right)

Camera: Canon 70D ISO 400 and 1/320
Lens: Canon 70-200mm f/4 @ f/5
Processed with Rawtherapee 5 …

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Bernese Mountain Dog: Vancouver, BC

Young Bernese Mountain Dog

Charlie: a young Bernese Mountain Dog

Charlie is a very young Bernese Mountain Dog. He will be a huge dog. By the time, he’ll be 2 years old he will more than double in size.

Charlie’s “room mate” is a very old cat (I forgot her name) and she puts up with the “intruder”. Charlie never attacked her, but he tried to play with her. Now they get along, she mostly ignores Charlie …

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French bulldog with his owner

Henry, a French Bulldog

Henry is a 1½ years old French Bulldog. His mouth is at least as big as his head. It’s huge. He doesn’t bite, but he drools. When the drool is long enough, he shakes and his drool flies everywhere, including the ceiling. Henry loves people, especially if they pay attention to him. As long as there are people around, he goes running around.

After this photo, he went to …

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Agility Racing: The Beagle

Beagle doing agility racing

Agility Racing: The Beagle

Beagles are terrible dogs for agility racing. Beagles are kind of agile dog, but they are not dogs. Beagles are noses on 4 wheels legs. So even during agility races, the only thing a beagle is really interested is sniffing and tracking some smell.

So this beagle found a way of doing his agility run and sniff at the same time. He slows down on the landing and drops in nose …

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Agility Racing: The Jump

Dog jumping at agility racing

Agility Racing: The Jump

Dogs have to move fast and work hard on these races/competitions.

They know the type of obstacles they will have to navigate, but they don’t know the order of the obstacles. Their owners are being told of the order just before the actual competition category starts. They know the start, they know the end but then don’t know the in-between order. So the owner has to run with …

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