Rottie Carrying Her Won Food: Whistler, BC

She was a rambunctious puppy (btw, I forgot her name, her owner told me her name but I trusted my memory instead of writing it down and I was wrong).

So she started carrying stuff, food, water bottles… Dogs can only do one thing at a time. When they are working, they can’t do something else like running around… So now, where ever they go, she has to carry her own food and her own water.

Rottie mix carrying her own food

Rottie mix carrying her own food

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She’s Late: West Vancouver, BC

This Golden Retriever likes to ‘dilly-dally’. She sniffs around, she looks at other dogs, she turns around, she sniffs some more and then she looks around if there’s something that she missed.

Meanwhile her owner is gone! He’s walking fast and she has to really run to catch-up…

Golden Retriever running to catch-up

Golden Retriever running to catch-up: West Vancouver, BC

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No Dog Parking: Whistler, BC

This sign is just in front of a popular eatery in Whistler, BC.

Many people go in the eatery and leave their dog outside.

It’s not just for a couple of minutes, we are talking one hour and more. I was there late last month and service was so slow, it took over an hour to get our food and then it took another 20 minutes to get the bill.

In spite of the sign, people still left dogs attached to the railing…

What an expression: ‘dog parking’. That’s not what I would use…

No 'dog parking' sign in Whistler, BC

No ‘Dog Parking’ Sign in Whistler, BC

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Ginormous Kong: Vancouver, BC

I’ve never seen such a big Kong.

The Boxer had been stealing other dogs balls and toys and now he wanted to steal the Kong from the other dog. The Pit Bull wasn’t going to let this happen.

The owner of the Boxer (I’m not sure that she was the owner or someone just looking after him) was afraid of the Boxer and the Boxer was doing whatever he wanted.

I left at that point because some other dog was harassing my dog and I could make photos and protect my dog at the same time.

Pit Bull with Ginormous Kong

Pit Bull with Ginormous Kong

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Guarding the Ball: Vancouver, BC

This Boxer stole the ball from another dog and didn’t want to play with his own ball. The owner of the ball wanted to get her ball back so she could leave, but the boxer was having none of it.

The owner of the Boxer (I’m not sure that she was the owner or just looking after him) was afraid of the Boxer.

Eventually, the Boxer abandoned the ball to try to steal a ginormous Kong from another dog.

This Boxer stole the ball

This Boxer stole the ball

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Snoopy: Vancouver, BC

He’s called Snoopy after Charlie Brown’s dog in Charles Shultz Peanuts.

Snoopy was also a World War I ace pilot flying on top of his dog house.

Snoopy is my favorite character on Charles Schulz’s Peanuts.

Snoopy: Vancouver, BC

Snoopy: Vancouver, BC

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Crash: A Pomeranian/Chihuahua — Vancouver, BC

Crash is a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix that, according to Matt (the owner), never looks at the camera.

To make a photo, I don’t need 10 minutes or an hour. There’s a lot of preparation involved, but in the end it takes me only 1/125 of a second to capture the image.

BTW, I should have asked Matt why he named his dog Crash.

Crash: a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix

Crash, according his owner, never looks at the camera

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Chaser: The Gambling Dog: Vancouver, BC

Chaser is a Collie and Malamute mix. She’s a very nice and friendly dog. At first, I thought that the name is because Chaser likes to chase balls… No, it’s gambling (I didn’t ask why).

Chaser is a gambling term. Instead of saying, “Today, I lost” the chaser says, “I’ll get even tomorrow.”

Chaser is a Collie and Malamute mix

Chaser is a Collie and Malamute mix

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The Attack: West Vancouver, BC

This dog is attacking us. He’s just 5m/15ft away and he’s not attacking us (me and my dog), but he’s going for me.

He ran from behind the bushes and went for me. He didn’t bark.

I took my photos, stood up ready for the attack, but I didn’t move. I was ready. At the last second, his owner whistled and he turned around and went back to his owner.

I screamed at the owner that he needs to keep his dog on a leash, he turned around and they walked away.

Dog on the attack

Dog on the attack: West Vancouver, BC

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Bloodhound: Vancouver, BC

Bloodhound are very rare in my ‘neck of the woods’.

She came running not to inspect me but to check on my dog that was standing behind me. I never saw her while she was in the forest. She never howled or barked, she was very quiet. She wasn’t happy that she had to put up with me petting her, calming her before she could sniff my dog.

Eventually, she ran back to the forest. I never saw the owner…

Bloodhound: Vancouver, BC

Running Bloodhound: Vancouver, BC

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Lost His Left Eye: West Vancouver, BC

Bromy (I think that’s his name, that’s what I heard) lost his left eye when he was a puppy. Some kid was ‘playing’ with him and stuck a branch in his right eye.

He can still see, but his vision is not great. Now, he’s much more a ‘nose’ dog. He doesn’t see his food, he knows the place. If his owner moves the food bowl, he has to sniff to find it, he can’t go to it directly.

Lost his left eye

Lost his left eye. A kid ‘playing’…

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