The Last Few Sunny Days

Cat in Window

Cat in Window

It’s fall, it’s sunny and the days are getting shorter. It’s getting colder and the cats know it. There are a lot less cats roaming the streets. Even indoor cats know that it’s the fall and they take advantage of the last few rays of the sun by basking on the window ledge.

I walk by this apartment complex almost everyday, and this …

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Starring Intensely: Vancouver, BC

Cat starring at my dog

Cat starring at my dog

This window is at street level and occasionally this cat is in the window in front of the curtain. My guess is that the curtain is there for privacy.

This cat is not looking at me, nor looking at my camera. This cat is starring at my dog which is waiting very patiently at my side until I’m done with the photo so we …

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Watching the World Go By

tabby cat on a fence

Tabby Cat Watching the World Go By

This cat is a “cool cat”. He’s sitting on top of the fence and he’s watching the world go by, actually me and my dog walking by him.

This image is a wide angle. We, my dog and I, were about 1½ meters away or about 5 feet. This cat is not afraid. He’s at full attention. You can see …

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Smart Cat v. Dumb Cat

2 cats: brother & sister

Smart Cat versus Dumb Cat

These two cats couldn’t be any more different from each other but they are brother and sister.

Collie or Kolly, the male at the front, is a very dumb cat. The female, Molly, at the back, is a lot smarter. If there’s any danger, Molly goes back into the yard, near the cat door where she can go back in for protection.

Collie …

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High Wire Act: Vancouver, BC

Siamese cat walking on fence

Siamese Cat Walking on Fence

This Siamese cat was laying on the fence. He saw me coming and walking with my dog.

He was at the back on the fence and when we walked by, he came closer to inspect the situation, most likely my dog.

BTW, he doesn’t have a collar and we, my dog and I, encounter coyotes regularly and it’s not just at night. I …

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Worried Cat: Vancouver, BC

A very worried cat

A Very Worried Cat

This cat is worried. Should he run away or not?

He has the ears backwards like he was getting ready to attack. Why, because behind me, there’s a dog, it’s my dog. He’s not threatening, he’s behind me and he’s totally quiet.

He’s not attacking and I know it. Why? his eyes.

The difference between the attack mode and the …

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Wile E. the Cat: Vancouver, BC

Wile E. under his favourite tripod/platform.

BTW, his name: ‘Wile E’ comes from Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner cartoons by Chuck Jones/Warner Brothers.

Wile E under his favourite tripod/platform

Wile E under his favourite tripod/platform

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Missing Cat Sign: Vancouver, BC

Helios, the cat, has gone missing.

There are a lot of missing cat signs. If Helios’ owners can find him within a couple of days of him disappearing then they are OK.

The problem is that it’s very unlikely that they will ever find him. In my neighbourhood, almost all of these missing cats have been coyotes’ dinners. We have a very large park with many smaller parks in the neighborhood and there are quite a few coyotes. I’ve encountered a few myself. I have seen single coyotes during the day but often as a pair at night.

The last time my dog and I encounters a pair of them, I made a lot of noise and waved my arms around. The pair of coyote was considering my dog as a potential dinner. I convinced them otherwise…

BTW, the phone numbers are not Vancouver/local phone numbers.

Another missing cat sign

Another Missing Cat Sign

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