Worried Cat: Vancouver, BC

A very worried cat

A Very Worried Cat

This cat is worried. Should he run away or not?

He has the ears backwards like he was getting ready to attack. Why, because behind me, there’s a dog, it’s my dog. He’s not threatening, he’s behind me and he’s totally quiet.

He’s not attacking and I know it. Why? his eyes.

The difference between the attack mode and the worry mode is in the …

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Wile E. the Cat: Vancouver, BC

Wile E. under his favourite tripod/platform.

BTW, his name: ‘Wile E’ comes from Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner cartoons by Chuck Jones/Warner Brothers.

Wile E under his favourite tripod/platform

Wile E under his favourite tripod/platform

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Missing Cat Sign: Vancouver, BC

Helios, the cat, has gone missing.

There are a lot of missing cat signs. If Helios’ owners can find him within a couple of days of him disappearing then they are OK.

The problem is that it’s very unlikely that they will ever find him. In my neighbourhood, almost all of these missing cats have been coyotes’ dinners. We have a very large park with many smaller parks in the neighborhood and there are quite a few coyotes. I’ve encountered a few myself. I have seen single coyotes during the day but often as a pair at night.

The last time my dog and I encounters a pair of them, I made a lot of noise and waved my arms around. The pair of coyote was considering my dog as a potential dinner. I convinced them otherwise…

BTW, the phone numbers are not Vancouver/local phone numbers.

Another missing cat sign

Another Missing Cat Sign

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The Could be a Vampire Slayer: Vancouver, BC

This is Biffy. Her name comes from Buffy: the Vampire Slayer. Her owner worked on that TV show.

Biffy is a very relaxed cat. Not much fazes her. I am about 1½ meter away (about 5 feet) with my dog just behind me. She’s not concerned. She’s not ready to run away, look at her paws, they are still folded, she’s not ready to move.

Biffy, the 'could be a vampire slayer', basking in the sun

Biffy, the ‘could be a vampire slayer’ basking in the sun

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Before the Attack: Vancouver, BC

This cat was looking for a fight.

I was walking peacefully with my dog. I am between my dog and the cat, so my dog is hiding behind me and using me as his shield.

In these situations, I always make noises so the cat knows that we are coming and usually either the cat moves away or stays circumspect. Not this cat, s/he decided that s/he was going to attack. I knew that. I quickly made my photo and kept on walking.

Cat just before the attack

Just Before The Attack

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Pouch & The Great Outdoors: Vancouver, BC

Pouch was an indoor cat that always dreamed being a great explorer or the outdoors. Occasionally, he would be successful in his escape attempts. But…

Pouch the Cat & The Great Outdoors: Vancouver, BC

Pouch the Cat & the Great Outdoors: Vancouver, BC

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Inkpad: Vancouver, BC

Inkpad was a stray cat that was found in a back alley of the Vancouver Downtown Eastside. He was scrawny and starving. It took only a little bit of ham for him to get out of his hole and to become an indoor cat.

Inkpad, a black and white back alley cat: Vancouver, BC

Inkpad: Vancouver, BC

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Lilah: New Westminster, BC

Lilah is almost 20 years old and she’s ‘pissed off’ at me.

I have spent the last half an hour trying to make an half decent photo of her. She did everything she could to hide under tables, chairs, couch… So we grabbed her, put her on Brian’s shoulder and I did all my stupid, silly sounds to get her attention.

Lilah: New Westminster, BC

Lilah: New Westminster, BC

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Samson the Cat: New Westminster, BC

Samson doesn’t live up to his name. Samson is supposed to be strong, courageous. The keyword here is supposed.

Samson is afraid of almost everything, especially me and my camera with the big lens. So he’s been ‘demoted!’ His current name is just Sam.

Samson is a very old cat, he’s almost 20 years old.

Samson The Cat: New Westminster, BC

Samson The Cat: New Westminster, BC

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