Franklin Eating His Peanut

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african grey parrot eating a peanut

Franklin Eating His Peanut

Franklin is a middle aged African Grey Parrot, mid-20s to mid-30s. African Grey Parrots are supposed to be the Einsteins of the animal world. They are supposed to speak not only words but sentences and in the right context.

Franklin is sure intelligent but he rarely speaks. Occasionally a word here, a word there…

Franklin is eating his peanut that he get out from his box …

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A Very Cold Winter for Sandhill Cranes

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sandhill cranes on frozen pond

Sandhill Cranes on a Frozen Pond

This year has been a very cold winter. Everything froze! We are in Canada but this is the West Coast, aka the Wet Coast, aka the wimps…

Normally, it’s not that cold, so we have Sandhill Cranes the whole year round. They stay on the west coast because normally, it’s a cool winter, not a freezing winter like the rest of the …

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Art: The African Grey Parrot

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African Grey Parrot

African Grey Parrot

Art is an African Grey and he’s around 10 years old. As far as Parrot goes, Art is a very young Parrot. Many African Grey Parrots live to the ripe old age of 75.

The main problem is that often, they will fix on somebody and will not accept anybody else. That’s when they get in trouble.

That’s why the owner is taking his …

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Hummingbirds in Winter: Vancouver, BC

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hummingbirds in their nest

Hummingbirds in Their Nest

Canada is not known for nice and warm winters. Vancouver is one of the warmest place in Canada in winter, but not this year. This February has been the coldest ever February. We’ve had more snow this February than ever. We’ve been the most cold ever, 10°C below our “normal” temperatures.

These 2 hummingbirds did a nest in the bush just across from …

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